Airsoft Infidels

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The second of its kind for all budding Airsoft players, geardos and Milsim enthusiasts AIRSOFT INFIDELS – The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography Book Two is now available,Published by, 80 pages, full colour, the book is another stunning collection of the very best in Airsoft and Milsim photography from around the world.

AIRSOFT INFIDELS The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography: Book Two is the second book created from photographs submitted by Airsoft players and professional photographers.

Book 2's ultimate goal is to once again present the best photographs together in one medium and share the attention to detail, expertise and dedication of both the photographer and Airsoft / Milsim player via stunning photography.

AIRSOFT INFIDELS celebrates the elite few who make the many stand out, the Airsoft photographers whose keen eye is as sharp looking through a camera lens as it is through the telescopic scope of an airsoft rifle.

While there are many photos online of players proudly posing with their kit it takes a keen eye to stage a shot well or to instantly capture a spontaneous moment in the click of a shutter.

Click here to order any of the three formats of the book available, softback, hardback with dust jacket and image cover wrap, prices start at £19.99.

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